Pre Marriage Counselling : ( Couple Counseling ) :

Pre Marriage Counselling : ( Couple Counseling ) :


As mentioned in the Post Marriage counseling section of this website, having happy married life requires lots of understanding about life, about human nature and about relationships.

Normally people have very high expectations from their upcoming marriages, and when they face the reality it becomes intolerable for them. Which might lead to severe complications those affects overall lives of not only the individuals involved in that marriage but also both the families.

Unfortunately, our society is not much bothered of designing a systematic process to make couple well prepared for marriages before they actually enter into the married lives. And bad marriages leads to bad families and bad families lead to disturbed children and disturbed children lead to disturbed societies and nations.To counter this serious bottle neck, we have designed this program which involves below major modules

1.      Understanding each others' intelligence and personalities, and adjust your expectation levels accordingly

2.      Understand each others' thought processes and psychological backgrounds.

3.      Understanding the real meaning of married life

4.      Be careful of double edged swords like : Ego, Family members , Sex etc one has to be properly trained about pros and cons of them or they will end up hurting their own selves.

5.      How meditation and spirituality can enhance your married life experience.