emotional intelligence development

emotional intelligence development


Emotion is the driving force of our day to day life. Whichever action we take or whichever action we resist ourselves to take …the reason behind them must be some emotion.

For example, a smoker wants to stop smoking due to some emotional reason, but not able to stop. The reason is there must be a stronger emotional reason in his/her subconscious mind which is stopping him to stop smoking !

This predicament is aptly described by Galib in this ‘Sher’

 इम़ा मुझे रोके है जो खिचे है मुझे कुफ्र

काबा मेरे पीछे है , कलीसा मेरे आगे !

We normally try to control our actions or our thoughts not realizing that the driving force behind those are emotions and we actually need to work on emotions to get rid of them. Controlling thoughts or compulsive actions leads us to frustration.

Going in to deep hypnotic trance and identifying the emotions behind compulsive actions or behaviour leads us to the core emotional issue behind those actions. With hypnotherapy we can heal those emotions and can easily get rid of our bad habits , compulsive behaviour , emotional outbursts , over thinking etc.